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Tony Robbins, America’s Top Life & Business Strategist
“I can say about Jay is I’ve known him for 35 years. For 4 and a half decades, he has been the go-to guy to optimize your business. I’m privileged enough now to have over a hundred companies with over $8 billion in business. 

Jay is the guy I have gone to for almost 35 years when I want to create a breakthrough. And I just want you to know, he knows more about how to market, how to optimize, how to maximize, how to sustain and grow your path to greatness than just about anybody I know in business.”

Daymond John from ABC Shark Tank, CEO of FUBU
“I have to say that at this point in my life, I probably wouldn’t be here without my mentor, Jay Abraham… 

And I had to say that through his teachings and what he’s done for me, he’s taught me how to position myself in very unique positions, what is my unique offering as well as the ability to communicate and then go after certain target markets.

He also finds other ways and revenues and areas that you could tap into your existing customer base and upsell and provide even a better service… Life is a series of mentors, and Jay Abraham is absolutely the best in that area.”

Anik Singal, Founder & CEO of Lum Inc.
“When you are looking to really scale a business, you don’t necessarily need a complete revamp or a thousand hour of course. You just need that little shift, that little way of looking at something, a little bit different. It can be millionaires of dollars, and that is my way I can explain what Jay does. 

One of a kind, I have never ever, ever, ever, ever spoken to anyone or been inspired by anyone the way Jay inspires me. Some of the best knowledge you are going to get about building, scaling large businesses that create impact.”

Phillip Stutts, Founder & CEO of Win Big Media
“For the last five years, Jay has served as a mentor and deep strategist into all of my businesses. Now, we are a 9-figure company.
When we started, we were a 7-figure company, and it is all because of the strategy and the foundation that Jay creates for business owners, marketers, and anybody looking for exponential growth into their business”.

Les Brown, World Renowned Motivational Speaker.
“He gets to know and connect with his clients, and what they’re doing. He has a trained eye, years of experience of making things happen. I’m one of those people. It’s a personal testimony for Jay Abraham. 

He’s a bad brother, and I strongly encourage you, if you’re hungry to dominate and want a sustainable competitive advantage as Warren Buffett would say, Jay Abraham, is your man. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

Nicolette Richer, Founder & CEO of Green Moustache Organic Cafes.
“I 100% knew that I would get every penny’s worth but what I didn’t expect was that I would leave that three-day training program with Jay, armed with years’ worth of low cost to no cost Business Marketing and Sales Strategies that I was able to return back home with, in Whistler, British Columbia and deliver to my team, and they’ve already started to execute on those strategies and we’ve already started to see results.”

Saifa Vani, Freight Dealers, Inc.
“After day 1, we already were so satisfied to be here. Day 3, I can’t wait to get back home with my partner and get this thing started.
…With a program such as Breakthrough, you’d be downright silly, unless you don’t care about your growth and your family’s wealth-building and your business growth and your clientele. 

If you don’t care about them, then you stay as you are, but if you want to see the optimization for yourself, for your clientele, and your family, this is really where to go. I’m not being paid for it, but I’m just telling you what is done for me, my first time here, and I never even knew it existed”

Michael Ham, Wild Orchard
“I was able to take away so many ideas that I can apply to what I am doing now to get those breakthroughs, and most importantly, those breakthroughs lead to impacting more people positively so that’s really the biggest thing that I’ve gained.

I’ve been to business seminars before, but this one was unique… So, it just unlocks the mind of what is possible and just that difference can be the difference between elevating your business just to the stratosphere, right, the next level and levels beyond.”

Molly Mahoney: Multiple millions in sales, and even cooler than that is the lives that we’ve actually been able to change.
Jordan Belfort: The expert’s expert. The kind of the real deal on steroid.
Adam: It has made me millions upon millions of dollars. To me, it really is the value of the respect that I’ve gained in the industry.
Ryan: Pay attention to every word this man says. He will change your life.
Joe: He’s just a wealth of knowledge that you cannot find from any single person on this planet.

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